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All Hail the Fro - Fashion and Natural hairstyles

One of the reasons I love Fashion is because you can express yourself in so many ways without even speaking. I knew very early as a child that I loved fashion but everytime I would see fashion shows or models, they would all have straight hair and it's nothing wrong with straight hair but that's not how many hair grows out of my head. Of course as kid I got a perm, I wore wraps and even wore weaves. I remember the first time I got a quick weave, my tracks slipped out the next day lol. I could never understand why I never liked my hair as I got older, I started experimenting with my hair and I started to realize how much I love big hair and braids. It compliments my round face and high cheek bones better.

If course you get some push back, "natural hair is not professional", Natural hair is not elegant, "Natural hair is ugly", "Natural hair doesn't fit everyone", "straight and wavy hair is prettier. I follow all of the law of the lands but when it comes to fashion, I break all of the rules. Expresway your way anyway you see how when it comes to fashion. Everyone doesn't have to look the same, why blend in when you were born to stand out. The last few years I'm so excited to see so many natural beauties like Tracee Ellis Ross, Teyonah Parris and Issa Rae and so many more. You can be fashionable and rock your fro, You can be a model and rock your fro, you can be intelligent and rock your fro and so much more. I look forward to more fashion rules bring broken and people being able to express themselves how they see fit with fashion. After all Life is too short to wear boring clothes. See below for some of my favorite fashion looks with natural hair. What Fashion rules are you looking forward to be broken or to be rebuilt lol? Let me know in the comment section below #allhailthefro #rfbfashions #fashionlovers #fashionblogger #Fashionistas #fros #lifeistooshorttowearboringclothes

Some of my fro looks below

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