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Blue Jean Everything

I always like to experiment with fashion, after all life is too short to wear boring clothes. Blue Jean has always been popular but now you have blue jean overalls, skirts, two pieces,boots and shoes. On Saturday my friend invited me to a comedy show. So of course the first thing I thought about was what am I going to wear. I know comedy shows are more laid back but I still wanted to be cute. So of course I start thinking about all type of fashion ideas and I came up with blue jean. I knew I had a blue shirt top, jeans and some blue jean boots and then I just bought a light blue jean jacket.

I had some other jeans in mind but I didn't like them, I finally tried on the blue jeans with the rips and I loved it. I added the light blue jean jacket at the end and I loved it. I try my best to always think outside of the box. I could have put on some jeans with a black top and some gym shoes or black flat boats which is fine but I like to think outside of the box. I can't say it enough, the objective of this blog to get you to think outside of the box of fashion. I had on like three different type's of blue jean... four exactly but it came out really cute. For this holiday season or just in general, try something different and see how you like it. Check out some of the pictures below. Let me know what you think in the comment section below

I love this Jacket

See some cute and different blue jean looks belows

Short romper and blue jean thigh high boots

This is so unique and different. A blue jean jacket dress

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