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Coats and More Coats

Summer is one of my favorite seasons, it seems as thought we only get like three months of nice weather in Chicago and the rest of the months are winter Laughing but serious . One of the things I look forward to, to take away my end of end summer blues is Fall and Winter dressing . You have coats, jackets, boots, scarfs, turtle necks, hats and so much more. My Favorite is coats! I love coats, It's the first thing people see on you in the Winter and Fall seasons. Although these seasons can be gloomy, it doesn't mean that your dressing has to be. I love colors, sequins, feathers and bows and I still make sure I pick clothes like that even in the Fall and Winter. See below for my favorite coats and jackets for this Fall and Winter

I Love the yellow and the blue together, the fur and the belt makes it so fun

The colors and the furs are everything

Leather and sequin

This is my favorite. It reminds so much of Carrie Bradshaw

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