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Does your Fashion tell your story? Evolution of Kiana

As you know by now I love Fashion in all aspects, I love dressing up, I love watching others dress up, fashion design good and bad and creative ideas. With Fashion I feel like you can really be creative and show yourself. Most people that see me in passing assume I'm really quiet and I'm introverted in some ways but when it comes to my fashion choices, I'm outgoing and loud Laughing but serious. I love prints, colors, Ruffles, feathers, sequin and bows. I guess it's my way of showing myself. I love looking at old pictures and seeing how my fashion has evolved. In March of 2018 I turned thirty years old and I'm the most secure and happy with myself that I've ever been and I like my evolution of fashion, it shows where I was in my life some time periods were better than others but always remember Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

This was my 25th birthday below. Anybody that knows me now, knows that I hate straight hair on me now but I didn't know at the time

Shaved heads lol. I just wanted to try something different, I was going for the Janelle Monae look but I don't regret it

26th Birthday. I was still figuring out my style. I know I liked different but i was still figuring it out

My 27th Birthday. I was getting closer, I know i love natural hair styles on me. Braids or Kinky curly hair is all you'll ever see me in now

My 28th birthday. I was definitely more confident, I was still a lot unsure of myself

My 29th birthday. I"m feeling myself. I'm comfortable in myself and I'm starting to like all the little things about me. My lips, my cheekbones, I love my personality, I figured out I'm only introverted with those I don't know and love my hair in natural styles. I've learned you don't have to be one a one dimensional women. You can be classy and sexy

Dirty 30! I remember when I was younger, I thought when you turned thirty your life was over but it has only begun. Not only, do I know myself, I love myself. I know I love to shop, travel, laugh, take bubble baths, spend time with my family. I know I love Fashion and I want to purse Fashion design and I'm finally comfortable with myself and I'm looking forward to all life has to offer.

More looks from my thirties

Does your fashion tell your story. Let me know in the comment section below. Share your Evolution with me.

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