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Fashion Role Model - My Daddy

October 20, 2018 marks a year since my father passed away. Although I miss my dad a lot, all of the good memories keeps me laughing and happy to have been blessed with such a great father. My Father was a hard worker, he was hilarious and he spoiled us. I remembered asking my mother first if my father had some money before I asked him for something because if he didn't have it, he would still give it to us. One of the things that I loved about my father the most was that he was always dressed up. I loved when he would pick us from school in his white Cadillac and when he would come up the school everyone would be asking who's father was that. I remember in high school, I loved the color pink so much I wore it like every day for a year and when he came up to the school he had on a pink tie and all the security guards said that knew it was my dad from the way that he dressed and his pink tie.

At my father's funeral, my pastor talked about how life comes so fast and don't let your gift die with you. So many people die with their gifts, without ever finding out their gifts or sharing it with the world. I took what my pastor said and all the memories of my dad and created Rfb_fashions. I love Fashion so why not share it with the world. I miss my dad greatly and I promised myself and my dad at his funeral that I wouldn't let my gift die with me.

My dad is my favorite fashion role model and so excited to share my gift with the world. Continue to rest peacefully daddy. Love you and I promise to make you proud.

Check out some of my dad's look's below

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