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Fashion Tip - Sales

There is nothing that I love more than Fashion/shopping than a good sale. If I can get two pairs of shoes for $40, I am happy. If I see something that I like and the price is a little to high for me, I will google the item by it's name or the sku number or item number and all the places that shows the same item will appear. I've found so many websites and great prices on items that I can't even begin to tell you. I saw some shoes for $100 on Akira and found them on another website for 39.99. I also subscribe to the websites so that I can get alerted when they have sales but that can be a blessing and a curse but it's good when I'm looking for a good sale. It's nothing better than having your pretty purse and money in it. It doesn't cost a lot to look cute and fashionable. See more tips below #fashionblogger #rfbfashions #fashionlover #Fashiontips #lifeistooboringtowearboringclothes

Fashion Tips

1. Buy your clothes for the season after the season. For example buy your summer clothes in the fall and buy your coats in the spring. Everything is on sale and you can get a lot of cute stuff for cheap. Look out for stores that have memberships that pay you for shopping

2. If say you have say some pants that rips or a short that rips, don't throw them away. Make the pants into some shorts or cut up jeans or make the top a belly short

3. Utilize your clothes all the time, who says boots are only to be worn in the winter. Create some cute looks with boots in the Fall, spring and winter.

4. I love looking at websites and getting cute fashion ideas. I like a lot of named brand clothes but it's too expensive for me right now. So I just re-create looks in my budget.

5. Never be afraid to try something or do something new. If I see something that I've never seen anyone in, I go right for it

After all, Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

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