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Fashion ~ Vacation Style

2019 has been great so far. One of my goals is and was is to travel more and I got to do a lot of that this year. I went to Memphis in January, Houston in March, Atlanta in May, Miami and Bahamas in August and Seattle in September. I love to travel, you get to explore new places and I love planning my outfits, It gives you something to look forward to. After all life is too short to be wearing boring clothes. I look forward to traveling more, dressing up more and smiling more the rest of this year and forward and sharing it with you. Take a look at some of my looks below and tell me what you think, #Miami #Bahamas #Seattle #Weddings #parting #AkiraClothing #Fashionnova #traveling #fashionblogger #rfbfashions #fashionlover #tutus #brightcolors


On the way to the cruise

On the cruise boat

Swimsuit pics

On the deck of the cruise boat

I loved my pink and orange Tutu

We wore all white for my sister's birthday celebration



Back in Bahamas

Family cruise photo

South Beach

Seattle with my mom and Aunt Shirley

All white ceremony

Mom and I at the weeding

Beautiful couple in the middle/Seattle wedding


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