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Last Night's look - Girl Night Edition

It's been a little while since I have written a blog, I've been busy with events and the holidays. Last Saturday, I went out with one of my co-worker's to a lounge called Mr. Browns. It's a reggae lounge and I love reggae music and Caribbean food. Of course, the first thing I think about when I'm going what I'm going to wear. I absolutely love jumpsuits, so I pulled out a jumpsuit that I hadn't wore yet and it was hit. The jumpsuit had ruffles, patches and a cut in the front for the cleavage, all of the things I love. Always remember life is too short to wear boring clothes Take a look at some of the pictures below. What are some of your go to's when you go out? Do you like jumpsuit? #jumpsuits #rfbfashions #fashionlovers #fashionblogger #rufflesfeathersandbows #cleavage

Take a look at some of my favorite jumpsuits below

My favorite ruffled jumpsuits

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