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Last Night's Look - Girl's Night Edition

Last night was my first time going on with my girls in a while and I wanted to look hot. I usually like really dainty stuff like Ruffles, flowers, bows and sequin but I wanted to try something different last night. I always visualize my outfit in my head and then i try it on and I usually love it and sometimes I don't. Well last night when I tried on the thigh high boots with my outfit, I was Scared! Lol. I wanted to look hot but not like a hooker. I loved the colors as usual but the boots come up really high and I was nervous. So I tried on other boots and I didn't like them, so what I finally decided to do was roll the boots down and I loved it. I was still a little nervous but you know what my motto is Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

I went out and had a great time and I felt great too. My friends are always fun to be around. I knocked out two stones in one, hanging with my girls and dressing up and trying something different. Getting all dolled up is my favorite part of the night and kicking with my friends made it a perfect night. Check out some of pictures from last night below. Was it a hit or miss let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Multi colored army fatigue jacket, multi colored bra top with blue jean shorts and Yellow thigh high boots

I love my matching phone purse

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