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Last Night's Look - Pink Edition

This past weekend was my friend Brittney's thirtieth birthday, so of course we celebrated. When she told me of all of things she wanted to do, the first thing I thought about was.... what am I going to wear. After all life is too short wear boring clothes. We went to capital grill on Thursday her actual birthday, to a bar called drink haus on Friday Night and wine tasting on Sunday. It ended up being a success. My friend Brittney looked pretty and gets to embark on a new decade in her life and I got to try out some different styles. Check out some looks below and tell me what you think #rfbfashions #fashionlover #fashionblogger #pink #rompers #dirtythirty #lifeistooshorttowearboringclothes

Dinner night

Brittney's thirtieth Birthday dinner

Brittney Birthday party... so pretty

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