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My Vision - Ruffles, Feathers and Bows

My sister's best friend sent me the picture of the coat below and I instantly fell in love. I love the color, if you know me, you know I love pink. I love the make of it, I love the flower's and the length. When I saw that coat, I instantly thought Ruffles, Feathers and Bows and I thought of Sara Jessica Parker. I love sequins, fringe, polka dots, feathers,bows, and colors. I like clothes that are out of the ordinary. See below for some of the looks, I hope to recreate, wear and have in my store some day. I hope you enjoy

I love these faux fur covers, you can put over boots or heels

I love blue jean skirt with the Tutu attached

I love this coat too

I love these two piece, I love the color and the make of it

This dress is perfection

Tutu Blazer dress

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