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Rfb_fashions Instagram - Your Pick, My Pick

I started my Instagram page in 2017. I wanted to document my fashion, how I come up with my fashion picks and all of my favorite trends and styles. I started posting outfits I liked and then I thought of a Idea to get people more active with my page. I would post a outfit and then have two different sets of shoes and ask people which one they liked the best. People would come in with their favorite choices and I loved it. I would already have in mind the version I liked the best and then I would wear the outfit to let people see their choice or my choice.

I love to see people idea's about Fashion but I know I also have my own Style. As this page grows, I will continue on this trend and hopefully you can post some of your's too. Always remember Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

As you can see, I went with the strappy shoe. Everyone went with the ankle shoe #mypick

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