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Rfbfashions - Hot Girl Summer Edition

This summer has been great. It's been filled with day time parties, roof top parties, live music, graduations, weddings etc. Of course, I never miss a chance to incorporate my fashion ideas into the event. After all Life is too short to wear boring clothes. Check out some highlights from my summer below and tell me what you think. #rfbfashions #fashionblogger #fashionlovers #summertimechi #hotgirlsummer #fashionideas

Celebrating my Friend's Brittney birthday party

Day time parties. I love jumpsuits

My cousin's all white party

Peach jumpsuit for the Silver room block party

Day at the beach

I decided to mix yellow with pink for the wedding

July 4rth weekend. I love this maxi dress

Pink Tutu's

Roof top party

You already know I love color

Rompers and heels

MY Aunt's 75th birthday party

The end. Tell me your favorite look or your not so favorite look

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