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Ruffles, Feathers and Bows

RFB stands for Ruffles, Feathers and Bows as you can see by now I like different styles and unique pieces. Around 2011, I was at work and I was thinking about designs and clothes as usual and I remembered this girl in college saying you love ruffles and then I put together some of the things I like my clothes to have and that birthed Ruffled, Feathers and Bows.

My goal is to have my own chain of stores and my own designs as well, I've never been a big drawer but I always think of my designs in my head so I suppose I will have to start drawing them down, I'm starting school for fashion design in spring 2019 and I'm very excited. I wanted to get my Master's but my sister said why don't you go school for something you love which is of course fashion.

I'm writing my vision and making it plain, so today October 13, 2018 I'm making my claim for my stores and more knowledge in fashion designs and making my own designs. After all Life is Too short to wear boring clothes. What are some of your favorite designs and designers? Let me know in the comment section below

Check out some of the my favorite Ruffled, feathered and bowed clothes below

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